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Robert Burns/Robert Burns

Robert Burns

Ever since I was asked to deliver an Immortal Memory to Robert Burns about 20 years ago I've been interested in The Bard.

Not only do I find the man, his life and his work a fascinating topic for study, but the Immortal Memory is easily my favourite after dinner speech. You are tasked with giving the audience an insight into a great man with candour, passion, gravitas and humour....no small task when we are talking of Scotland's most celebrated son.

The Burns Supper is Scotland’s way of celebrating the life and works of our favourite son. The evening involves food, drink, music and speaking, usually starting with the skirl of the bagpipes as the haggis is brought forth, and finishing with a bawdy version of Auld Lang Syne.

Burns Suppers range from a dozen or so friends around a dining table, to large formal affairs with posh frocks (and kilts).

There are three speeches to be made:

1. The Immortal Memory,
2. The Toast To The Lassies
3. The Reply From The Lassies

In this section I'll give you an insight into the delivery of each of them.

Here's an audio insight into the life of Robert Burns, delivered to over 800 guests at a Burns Supper in 2008.  Have a listen...

'The Life of Robert Burns & Ae Fond Kiss'

Ae Fond Kiss is one of the best love songs you will ever hear and is my personal favourite work of the Bard. This section starts with an excerpt from that great work and then goes on to a resume of the life of Scotland’s favourite son.

It’s the end of the Immortal Memory and seeks to paint an honest picture of a man and a genius.

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