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Critiques/John F Kennedy

Inauguration Address

January 20 1961, Washington DC

People in America and further a-field were looking for a vision of future: they got it. But in the end it asked for more than that -"ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country." Now that's good: what a way to finish. There's even a wee jag in the peroration about standards and sacrifices expected of politicians. It could be dusted off and delivered today. Read more

Ich bin ein Berliner

11 June 1963, Berlin

Come to Berlin, Kennedy says, then look me in the eye and tell me Communism is the future: The Berlin Wall eventually came down. John F Kennedy stood at the Brandenburg Gate and said that if anyone, anywhere - from the dreamy spires of fancy English universities to worthy hippy communes in comfortable western cities - thinks there is nothing to choose between the free world and the communist one, "Let them come to Berlin."? Read more