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Critiques/David Cameron

Little Britain: Yes But, No But...

October 2011, Conservative Party Conference, Manchester David Cameron used "leadership" 16 times in his keynote address to the Conservative party conference last week. This prompted me to look at some of Churchill's oratorical efforts when the chips were down and the stakes were high. I looked at five of his speeches from 1938 to 1946 in a search for the "L" word: "A total and unmitigated defeat"; "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat"; "Be ye men of valour"; "This was their finest hour"; and "The Iron Curtain". I'll tell you how many I found at the end. Read more

Call Me Dave: Big Society Dave

October 2010, Conservative Party Conference, Birmingham

Still polished, still smooth, still a bit of a darling to the middle classes, especially the posh ones. Some people will always have a soft spot for David Cameron. He seems very nice, and he has been very good up to now in this coalition government, hardly putting a foot wrong with Nick as his sidekick: how much more he has in common with Nick's colleagues than the right wing of his own party. But, he has not delivered a decent conference speech since the extemporaneous one that got him the leader's role. Read more

The Leaders' Debates: Round One

15 April 2010, First Leadership Debate, ITV

Stayed within himself, like he was aware of what he was doing the whole time. Rarely got into what might be described as top gear. He got caught in the middle sometimes. Stories were poor generally and the overall narrative trite. He seemed too often to be the least substantial of the three. Read more

Brown vs Cameron... Let Battle Commence

October 2009, Party Conference Speeches.

If voters went solely on the keynote performances at the 2009 conferences then Gordon Brown would win by some margin. They don't, and Cameron and his advisors will be relieved. Read more