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Critiques/Barack Obama

A Wee Reminder from Barack...

In his victory address, Barack Obama reminded us why he got in four years ago: Hope. Oratory does not do everything and it's been hidden away for a while, but it can inspire and stir all sorts of good emotions. Read more

Obama/McCain First Presidential Debate: When the Old Man Gets Embarrassing...

Who doesn't have an older family member who rarely gets out, and behaves badly when he does? McCain doesn't like debating, so ho didn't bother turning up (to debate).

His tactics? Don't engage, concede anything or be gracious; emphasise personal experience; imply the other guy lacks not just judgement but intelligence...and talk down to him as often as you can. Do you doubt that McCain was out of order on that score? Just imagine Joe Biden behaving like this to Sarah Palin... Read more

The Donald Trumped

There are many things that could be said about another masterful performance by Obama in front of the Washington press corps (if you look at previous critiques I've said quite a lot already). He would make a great stand-up (I'm sure he doesn't write this stuff, though; he can still seem a little too full of himself; but what a terrific, engaging natural smile); and he instinctively knows how to give the audience exactly what they want (a bit like that chap Tony Blair... whether you like him or not, TB knew how to work the room). Read more

Barack Obama, State of the Union, 2012

Unless you are a fully paid up member of the Tea Party or an anchor on Fox News, we can agree that Obama is a great orator. As I've said before, if you want to know how to deliver a lecture here is a good blueprint: a good structure, digestible facts, understandable figures, relevant stories and a clear vision. It would be a surprise if it were any other way, since the President has a small army of speechwriters working for him. Read more