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Critiques/Alex Salmond

The Gallus Bamboozler

A few days before Alex Salmond delivered to the party faithful in Glasgow, BBC2 ran a programme about celebrities' favourite Scots words. Gallus* and bamboozle* featured. Both are archetypally spot-on Scottish. Gallus, which means bold and mischievous, is short, sharp, swaggering and wide. Bamboozle, to confuse or mislead, is alliterative, assertive and humorous. Read more

The State of Our Union

Two State of the Union addresses were delivered within hours of one another on 24 January, by two of the most compelling speakers of the modern age. Politics aside, it is undeniable that the speaking skills of both Barack Obama and Alex Salmond have played a significant role in getting both to where they are today. Read more

Nae Limits? Nae Bother...

Alex Salmond got across two things in his keynote to conference in Inverness: that his party's record in government showed there was nothing for Scots to worry about, and that he has a vision. He gave plenty of empirical evidence for the former and plenty of passion for the latter. Read more