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Articles/Election Debates

Mastering Debating: Being In The Moment

We find it difficult to be in the moment. Our big brains get the better of us and we end up distracted. This can make a golfer choke over an easy putt; an expert kicker miss a straightforward conversion; a good speaker freeze behind the lectern. Great performers save their best for when it really matters; the best sports stars stay in the moment when the stakes are highest. Debating is the extempore method writ large. And staying in the moment is just what the candidates have to do in the live televised debates. Read the article

The Vision Thing: Debating, Rhetoric & Reality

In the run-up to the Leadership debates and as the campaigning intensifies, where is "The Big Idea?" And where is the inspirational rhetoric that makes your heart beat a bit faster, has you shouting at the telly or arguing with your colleagues? In the run up to the General Election we may get sick of the sight of the Three Amigos vying to be Prime Minister. But we should never forget that the words they say to us carry weight and have meaning. Or at least they should: they are not so much sound bites as pledges. What is it that they believe in? Read the article

Brown, Cameron, Clegg: Compare & Contrast

The upcoming Leadership Debates are eagerly anticipated by many, though probably mostly by political pundits, psychologists and body language experts. Every word will be weighed, every tic talked about. Read the article

The Leadership Debates: What's The Point?

"It's not what I do it's the way that I do it; it's not what I say it's the way that I say it: and how I look when I'm saying and doing it." Zsa Zsa Gabor.

The seventy or so rules will make them too formal; the obsession with fairness will blunt sharp exchanges; the short time-frame will render forensic examination of the issues impossible. So are the Leadership Debates a waste of time? Read the article

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