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Inauguration Address

Inauguration Address

Mastering Debating: Being In The Moment

Mastering Debating: Being In The Moment

Russel Wardrop
Russell is a natural born teacher. You will remember his conference performance for a long time.

Oral communication is his passion; impact, influence and persuasion are his thing. We guarantee he will make your event a success, your delegates will listen and they will be motivated, inspired and entertained.
This short, broad Glaswegian is an outstanding, creative and hilarious public speaker. Give him the hour after lunch on:
Perfect Pitch: The Emotional Connection

Influence: The Prince & The Comedian

Soft Sell: How To Build Relationships

In fact, give him three hours after lunch to as many delegates as you think is decent and they will be taken on an unforgettable journey.

Russell is CEO and co-founder of Kissing With Confidence, with whom over 13,000 people have improved their public speaking skills. 

An architect and former academic, he believes that how you communicate determines the effectiveness of your life. Russell will show by personal example the link between
leadership and communication.

Russell's profile (PDF)

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Russell’s Remarks...

Juxtaposition: The Architecture of Humour
Juxtaposition is an apt description of how humour works. It’s a great word, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and ear, craving attention on a page or in a speech. Humour needs juxtaposition, the set-up and the denouement, to be successful. … Continue reading

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JCI World Congress, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada
"This was the best class I have ever attended, and I have been at plenty of classes at JCI and in business."

David Laverty, Denver Chamber of Commerce

Global Planning Conference, Barcelona
"Fantastic, Humorous, Engaging, Inspirational."

PMU Planning Conference, Hewlett Packard

Oratory Masterclass, AUDE Conference, Newport University
"I know it's 'what you do' but by way of feedback that was the best presentation I have ever seen!"

Andy Burrell, Director Of Estates, Open University

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